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    CTO and co-founder of Datawrapper and former graphics editor at The New York Times

    profile image Walid Al-Saqaf

    Senior Lecturer in Media Technology and Journalism at Södertörn University in Stockholm

    profile image Peter Aldhous

    Peter is a science reporter at BuzzFeed News who teaches investigative journalism in the Science Communications program at UC Santa Cruz and data visualization at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism.

    profile image Brigitte Alfter

    Journalist specialising in European affairs, investigative, data and crossborder collaborative journalism.

    profile image Yudivián Almeida Cruz

    Data Editor and Journalist in Postdata Club and Computer Science Professor at Havana University

    profile image George Anadiotis

    George's got tech, data, and media, and he's not afraid to use them. Coming from an IT background, he's had the chance to learn to play many instruments on the way to becoming a one man band and an orchestrator: being a Gigaom analyst, serving Fortune 500, startups and NGOs as a consultant, building and managing projects, products and teams of all sizes and shapes, and getting involved in award-winning research among others. George runs Linked Data Orchestration

    profile image C.W. Anderson

    C.W. Anderson is a Professor Media and Communication, and the author or co-author of five books on journalism and digital sociology.

    profile image David Anderton-Yang

    Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient David Anderton is a Research Assistant at the MIT Media Lab.

    profile image RJ Andrews

    Data storyteller and author-illustrator of INFO WE TRUST


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    Stefan Baack made his PhD at the Centre for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen (Netherlands) and studies how the growing reliance on data across different sectors of society intersects with democratic visions and practices. He currently works at the Mozilla Foundation as a research and data analyst, and as an associate researcher at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society.

    profile image Aleszu Bajak

    Aleszu Bajak is a freelance science journalist and graduate programs manager at Northeastern University's School of Journalism, where he teaches courses and runs research on digital journalism, data reporting and new media. His writing has appeared in The Washington Post, M.I.T. Technology Review and Nature.

    profile image Nikesh Balami

    Nikesh is a civic entrepreneur, open data educator and tech researcher.

    profile image Rui Barros

    journo-coder and data geek based in Braga, Portugal.

    profile image Maud Beelman

    Maud Beelman is executive editor of the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, part of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University. She is a veteran investigative editor and a former foreign and war correspondent.

    profile image David Blood

    Data reporter/visual journalism developer, Financial Times

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    Zorro Notorious M. E. B. aka Buck Borasky, Frontier Programmer: sit-down comedy, fantasy sports analytics, civic hacking, transit nerd ...

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    Camille Borrett is a computational social scientist working for European Elections Stats

    profile image Marianne Bouchart

    Data editor, project manager, innovation seeker.

    profile image Liliana Bounegru

    Lecturer in Digital Methods at King's College London

    profile image Paul Bradshaw

    Data journalist and online journalism academic, trainer, writer and speaker

    profile image Nadieh Bremer

    Freelancing Data Visualization Designer focusing on uniquely crafted dataviz that engage & enlighten

    profile image Meredith Broussard

    Author of Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World.

    profile image Kim Bui

    P. Kim Bui is a digital journalist and leader focusing on innovation and alternate story forms. She is currently the Director of Audience Innovation for the Arizona Republic.


    profile image Alberto Cairo

    Alberto Cairo is the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami teaches data visualization and infographics. He's also director of the Visualization Program at UM's Center for Computational Science.

    profile image Lucy Chambers

    Tech jargon-and-hype-buster, facilitator and straddler of worlds.

    profile image Riley Champine

    I make maps for National Geographic Magazine.

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    Cohen is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and editor who spent most of her career at The Washington Post and The New York Times. She currently serves as the Knight Chair in data journalism at Arizona State University.

    profile image Eva Constantaras

    Eva Constantaras is a data journalist specialized in building data journalism teams in developing countries. These teams that have reported from across Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa on topics ranging from broken foreign aid and food insecurity to extractive industries and public health. As a Google Data Journalism Scholar and a Fulbright Fellow, she developed a course for investigative and data journalism in high-risk environments.

    profile image Michael Corey

    Senior Data Editor for Reveal. Data journalism, science, mapping, history. He/him

    profile image Alice Corona

    Alice is specialized in communicating data. In 2018 she helped kick-start Batjo, a project promoting data physicalization for journalism.


    profile image Catherine D'Ignazio

    Catherine D'Ignazio is Assistant Professor at Emerson College and co-author, with Lauren Klein, of the book Data Feminism, forthcoming from MIT Press in 2020.

    profile image Kayt Davies

    Over 10 years Dr Kayt Davies embedded data journalism into the Edith Cowan University journalism curriculum, firstly through small numeracy tasks, building to a unit called Business and Data Journalism that combined spreadsheet work and data scraping with learning stock market and financial regulatory basics. She is now working as a casual academic and freelance writer.

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    research associate and doctoral student in communication science, freelance journalist

    profile image Stijn Debrouwere

    Stijn is a freelance data scientist, specializing in analytics. Previously at Fusion and The Guardian. He writes about statistics, metrics and the news industry at debrouwere.org.

    profile image Murray Dick

    Lecturer in Multimedia Journalism with expertise in data visualization (infographics), information literacy, investigative journalism and news values.

    profile image Laurence Dierickx

    Experienced journo-dev, love to dig into databases and to create news apps, currently finishing a PhD thesis about news automation and professional practices.

    profile image Steve Doig

    Data journalist turned professor; winner of Pulitzer, IRE, Polk and other recognition; two Fulbright semesters teaching in Europe; conducted data training in more than 20 countries.


    profile image pinar dag

    Data Journalism Lecturer

    profile image Winny de Jong

    Winny de Jong is a data journalist. She works at the Dutch national broadcast, NOS. When not at work, she shares the things she loves in her Data Journalism Newsletter.


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    Managing editor, The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun. Former Washington Post Deputy Metro Editor.

    profile image Christina Elmer

    Editorial RnD at SPIEGEL ONLINE. Board member of netzwerk recherche. Passionate about #ddj.

    profile image Martin Engebretsen

    Professor of language and communication


    profile image Alexander Fanta

    I am netzpolitik.org's EU correspondent in Brussels, where I cover digital and data issues such as lobbying by tech companies. Ex-news agency hack.

    profile image Simon Faulkner

    Dr Simon Faulkner is a lecturer in art history and visual culture at Manchester Metropolitan University. His research is concerned with the political uses and meanings of images, with a particular focus on activism and protest movements. Much of his research since 2007 has addressed relationships between Israeli, Palestinian, and international visual practices and the Israeli occupation. He is also the co-director of the Visual Social Media Lab (located at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University) and has a strong interest in the development of methods relevant to the analysis of images circulated on social media.

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    Federica Fragapane is a freelance Information Designer. Among her projects, she designed data visualizations for the United Nations, Wired, Scientific American, BBC Science Focus, Penguin Random House and Corriere della Sera – La Lettura, working on the analysis and visualization of cultural, environmental and social topics.

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    Emmanuel is a freelance reporter based in Nairobi. He has conducted investigations in Africa for a decade, from nerdy open-source journalism to extended trips in conflict zones.

    profile image Kaiser Fung

    Creator of Junk Charts, the leading blog on dataviz criticism; advisor, consultant, speaker and instructor on data visualization and business analytics


    profile image Duncan Geere

    I'm an award-winning writer, editor and data journalist with more than 10 years of experience. I cover the intersection of science, technology and culture, with a particular interest in environmental issues. I'm currently working as a senior editor at Information is Beautiful, and I've contributed freelance work to publications like Wired, BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC Science Focus, Technology Review, Popular Science, NME, PC Gamer, Techradar and Men's Health. Originally from the UK, now based in Sweden.

    profile image Rachel Glickhouse

    Rachel Glickhouse is a journalist at ProPublica, where she runs the Documenting Hate project. She also teaches at the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.

    profile image Eric Gordon

    Eric Gordon is a professor of civic media and the director of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College in Boston.

    profile image Tricia Govindasamy

    Data Lead at Code for Africa's data and design team.

    profile image Jonathan Gray

    Dr. Jonathan Gray is Senior Lecturer in Critical Infrastructure Studies at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London, where he is currently writing a book on data worlds. He is also Cofounder of the Public Data Lab; and Research Associate at the Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam) and the médialab (Sciences Po, Paris). More about his work can be found at jonathangray.org and he tweets at @jwyg.

    profile image Lindsay Green-Barber

    I help organizations develop high-impact media and comms strategies and ways to measure success.

    profile image Sylke Gruhnwald

    Sylke Gruhnwald is a reporter at Swiss digital magazine Republik. She previously worked at the Swiss daily «Neue Zürcher Zeitung», where she built up the data team of journalists, programmers and designers. In 2014, she moved to Swiss public broadcaster as head of the data team. Her beats include reporting on white collar crime, financial fraud and corruption.

    profile image Hannah Guy

    Hannah Guy is a Ph.D. student at Manchester Metropolitan University, examining the role of images in the spread of disinformation on social media. She is a member of the Visual Social Media Lab, where her current projects explore images shared on Twitter during the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Visual Media Literacy to combat misinformation in the context of Canadian schools.


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    Formerly Head of Science Department at WDR; from 2016 to present Project Management in Data Driven Journalism and in Virtual Reality/ XR.

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    Mollie Hanley is Community Organiser at OpenCorporates, the largest open database of companies in the world. OpenCorporates' primary mission is to open up and connect company data from across the globe, making it more useful, usable and understandable for the public benefit.

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    Bahareh Heravi is an Assistant Professor at the School of Information and Communication Studies at University College Dublin, where she leads UCD’s Data Journalism programme. Bahareh is a member of the Irish Open Data Governance Board, and a co-chair of the European Data & Computational Journalism Conference.

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    Robert Hernandez is digital journalism professor that specializes in emerging technologies.

    profile image Geoff Hing

    Geoff Hing is a Chicago-based journalist and cultural worker who specializes in programmatic data exploration and visualization. He has worked with NPR, City Bureau, The Chicago Reporter, the Chicago Tribune and OpenElections.

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    UK Editor of DeSmog, an environmental investigative journalism outlet. Investigations published in the Guardian, Independent, ITV, Channel 4, among others.

    profile image Brant Houston

    Brant Houston is an award winning investigative and data journalist who has published textbooks on both. He also is con-founder and board chair of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

    profile image Alexander Howard

    Howard is a writer, digital governance expert, and open government advocate based in DC.

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    Adele Humbert is an independent podcast producer and investigative journalist based in Paris.

    profile image Håkon Høydal

    Investigative journalist. Cyber crime, online child abuse, psychedelics.



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    A native New Yorker, I live in London and have instructed spreadsheet classes on both sides of the Atlantic. I've also authored two books on Excel (Apress).

    profile image Tara Kelly

    Tara Kelly is the data editor for the European Journalism Centre's DataJournalism.com project. In addition to editing the biweekly newsletter and the Long Reads section, she is the host of the Conversations with Data podcast.

    profile image Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

    I write books, lead global investigative journalism projects and teach.

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    Over 20+ years, Helen Kennedy has researched how digital developments are experienced by non-experts/citizens and how these experiences can inform the work of digital practitioners. She is currently interested in the datafication of everyday life, and is researching public attitudes to data mining and related issues such as trust in data, data ethics and what ‘good’ data practice might look like.

    profile image Soila Kenya

    Soila Kenya is a data journalist and fact-checker from Nairobi, Kenya. She works for Code for Africa, Africa's largest data journalism and civic tech lab covering stories involving, environment and climate change, women and gender and health/science.

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    Senior data journalist at The Telegraph and visiting lecturer at City University London

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    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng is an award-winning digital journalist. He is the founder of Data-N, a training program that helps journalists to integrate data journalism into daily reporting.


    profile image Jennifer LaFleur

    Jennifer LaFleur joined the Investigative Reporting Workshop as data editor in 2017. She also teaches data journalism at American University.

    profile image Maarten Lambrechts

    Data journalist, data designer, visualisation consultant

    profile image Moritz Laurer

    Moritz Laurer is a computational social scientist at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels.

    profile image James Le

    Continuous Learner

    profile image Alexandre Léchenet


    profile image Andrew Leimdorfer

    I'm a product manager working on content creation and publishing tools for journalists at the BBC

    profile image Mike Linksvayer


    profile image Thais Lobo

    Thais Lobo is a journalist and new media researcher working with collaborative investigations around online platforms and digital cultures.

    profile image Wiebke Loosen

    Prof. Dr. Wiebke Loosen is a senior journalism researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans Bredow Institute in Hamburg (Germany) as well as a professor at the University of Hamburg. She studied communication science, psychology, and German studies at the University of Münster (Germany) where she also received her doctorate. Wiebke habilitated in communication studies at the University of Hamburg with her work on "The Transformation of Journalism and of Journalism Research".

    profile image Mirko Lorenz

    Journalist, Founder & CEO Datawrapper

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    Heading the Bureau Local, a collaborative, investigative community. Formerly Data Journalism Editor at The Times and Sunday Times

    profile image Sérgio Lüdtke

    Sérgio Lüdtke is a journalist and editor of Projeto Comprova, a coalition of 24 media organizations working collaboratively to investigate rumors about public policy in Brazil.

    profile image Jane Lytvynenko

    Jane Lytvynenko is a senior reporter at BuzzFeed News where she focuses on disinformation, cyber security, and online investigations. She has uncovered social media manipulation campaigns, cryptocurrency scammers, and financially motivated bad actors spreading disinformation. Her work also brings accessible fact-checking to wide audiences during times of crisis. Jane is from Kyiv, Ukraine and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.


    profile image Jinxin Ma

    Yolanda Jinxin Ma is a leading pioneer and one of the first advocates of data journalism in China and Asia.

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    Seasoned investigative environmental journalist pioneering new media tools to expose eco-offences

    profile image Maria Isabel Magaña

    I'm a Colombian storyteller, who uses data and technology as a superpower. Love teaching these tools to future geniuses.

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    Jacques Marcoux is an award-winning investigative reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation specializing in data analysis. Previously he worked as a multi-platform reporter for the CBC's French network Radio-Canada, as a public relations officer in the agricultural industry and worked in competitive intelligence gathering in the financial industry.

    profile image Ryan Martin

    Covers crime and policing in Indianapolis

    profile image Natalia Mazotte

    Hi! I'm a Brazilian journalist, entrepreneur and consultant specialized in data and technology. I lead the Journalism Program at Insper University and support civil society organizations on technology and data projects.

    profile image Rebekah McBride

    Rebekah McBride is a science writer and communications specialist who has worked with both companies and universities to turn data and research into applicable and actionable messages that inspire change. She holds a B.S. in Life Science Communication with an emphasis in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a M.A. in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

    profile image Geoff McGhee

    T. Anthony Pollner Professor, @UMJSchool , Faculty advisor @MontanaKaimin. Data vis @TheWaterDesk @WestCenter. Former @jskstanford @nytimes @lemondefr

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    Susan McGregor is Assistant Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism and Assistant Professor at Columbia Journalism School, where she helps supervise the dual-degree program in Journalism & Computer Science.

    profile image Amelia McNamara

    Dr. Amelia McNamara is an assistant professor of statistics in the department of Computer & Information Sciences at the University of St Thomas, in Minnesota. Previously, she was a visiting assistant professor at Smith College, in Massachusetts. Alongside standard statistics classes, she teaches classes on data journalism, data visualization, and general data communication. She is an international keynote speaker and researcher at the intersection of statistics education and statistical computing, with the goal of making it easier for everyone to learn and do data science.

    profile image Mustapha Mekhatria

    Mustapha Mekhatria lives and works in Norway as a community manager for [Highsoft](https://www.highcharts.com/). After graduating as a Master in embedded systems, and working in the automotive and aerospace industry in France, and Canada, he finally settles down in Norway to focus on his passion with data. He blogs about all kind of tricks and tips about **data processing** and **data visualization** on [Medium](https://medium.com/@mustaphamekhatria). Community manager at highcharts, big fan of DataViz

    profile image Julia Mozer

    Originally from Hungary, Julia studied Marketing and Business Management in Denmark, France, and England. After working for two years in Hungary and China, she completed her Master's degree in Media and Public Relations at Leicester University, where she wrote her dissertation on ageism in the media. Dedicated to spreading the word of good causes, Julia joined CEJI-A Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe in October 2016 as Communication Officer.

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    Gabriel works with communities and organizations to design opportunities for learning, collaboration, and storytelling.

    profile image Scott Murray

    Scott Murray is a friendly, data-savvy designer, coder, author, and educator.

    profile image Joshua Mutisya

    Using data to tell stories about the issues that matter


    profile image Emma. L N. Kisa

    Emma Laura Namwanje Kisa is a Data Journalist and Fact-checker with Code for Africa. She has worked in the media and communication field for 11 years and is a Uganda National Journalism Awards (UNJA) 2017 nominee in the Data Journalism category.


    profile image Oluseun Onigbinde

    Co-founder and Director of BudgIT, Nigeria’s civic organization

    profile image Caitlin Ostroff

    Caitlin Ostroff is a data reporter covering markets for the Wall Street Journal's London bureau.

    profile image Jacopo Ottaviani

    Jacopo Ottaviani is an award-winning computer scientist and data journalist.


    profile image Djordje Padejski

    Data/investigative journalist, educator and scholar working at the intersection of journalism, digital technologies and computational journalism, @ICIJ member, @FOIAMachine founder, @CIRonline, @OCCRP, @CINSerbia

    profile image Ankur Paliwal

    Ankur Paliwal is an independent journalist, and co-founder of Land Conflict Watch--a journalism journalism initiative that maps and collects data about ongoing land conflicts in India.

    profile image Erika Panuccio

    Communication Specialist based in Italy, interested in propaganda techniques, psychological warfare and fake news. I currently work at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Milan) and previously was at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (Budapest).

    profile image Aneri Pattani

    Aneri Pattani is an investigative health reporter for Spotlight PA, a collaborative newsroom working to hold state government accountable in Pennsylvania. She’s also a recipient of the Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellowship.

    profile image Angelica Peralta Ramos

    Coordinates the data journalism team and initiative in LA NACION. We do Open Data Journalism for Change and we believe in applying technology and Data Science for Social Good and promote the use of open data for transparency, citizen collaboration and accountability.

    profile image Lulu Pinney

    natural scientist > business analyst > graphic designer > visual journalist > datavis and infographic trainer > social researcher

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    specialising in automation and AI

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    Homepage editor at de Volkskrant, was the project lead of our project De Voedselzaak about the question how to feed 10 billion people in 2050. Love podcasts and good food, hate excel and queues.


    profile image Daniela Q. Lepiz

    Data journalist and coordinator

    profile image Miriam Quick

    Miriam Quick is a data journalist and researcher specialising in information visualisation. She finds facts and data and builds them into compelling stories.


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    Sherry Ricchiardi, Ph.D., is an international journalist and media development specialist. She has worked with journalists in 35 countries, most recently in Pakistan and Ethiopia. Under the Fulbright program, she has taught at Zagreb University in Croatia and at three universities in Ukraine.

    profile image Ændrew Rininsland

    Still the longest hair in journalism

    profile image Simon Rogers

    Simon Rogers is an award-winning data journalist, writer and speaker.

    profile image Nikita Rokotyan

    Passioned about Data Visualization + Science

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    Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist at the Philadelphia Inquirer and book author

    profile image Emilia Ruzicka

    Emilia Ruzicka is a data journalist and designer with experience in data analysis, visualization, reporting, and end-to-end audio production. Their recent work includes coverage of monkeypox, reproductive rights, and more. To learn more, visit emiliaruzicka.com.

    profile image Vincent Ryan

    Former Sunday Times Business journalist working with Google News Initiative to help journalists find, verify and tell news stories around the world.


    profile image Raúl Sánchez

    Data journalist at eldiario.es

    profile image Martín Sarsale

    Programmer. Co-Founder of Properati OLX, co founder of Hackshackers Buenos Aires

    profile image Lauryn Schroeder

    Lauryn Schroeder is a data specialist for the watchdog team at The San Diego Union-Tribune. She came to the U-T from The Associated Press in Indiana. Lauryn has experience at several small papers in Michigan, and took part in major data projects with the Medill Justice Project and The Washington Post.

    profile image Jon Schwabish

    I am an economist, writer, teacher, and creator of policy-relevant data visualizations. I am considered a leading voice for clarity and accessibility in how researchers communicate their findings. I'm on Twitter @jschwabish. I am an economist, writer, teacher, and creator of policy-relevant data visualizations. I am considered a leading voice for clarity and accessibility in how researchers communicate their findings. I'm on Twitter @jschwabish. I am an economist, writer, teacher, and creator of policy-relevant data visualizations. I am considered a leading voice for clarity and accessibility in how researchers communicate their findings. I'm on Twitter @jschwabish. I am an economist, writer, teacher, and creator of policy-relevant data visualizations. I am considered a leading voice for clarity and accessibility in how researchers communicate their findings. I'm on Twitter @jschwabish.

    profile image Marie Segger

    Data journalist at The Economist. Former Google News Lab fellow at Spiegel Online.

    profile image Monika Sengul-Jones

    Monika Sengul-Jones, PhD, is an independent writer and scholar.

    profile image Thomas Seymat

    Exploring the world of journalism innovation and emerging media

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    Erik Sherman is a freelance journalist, writer, and author covering business, economics, finance, technology, public policy, and law. His work has appeared in such places as Fortune, Forbes.com, Inc, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times Magazine, Technology Review, Chief Executive, Corporate Counsel, IP Law & Business, and IR Magazine.

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    Erik Sherman is a freelance journalist, writer, and author covering business, economics, finance, technology, public policy, and law. His work has appeared in such places as Fortune, Forbes.com, Inc, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times Magazine, Technology Review, Chief Executive, Corporate Counsel, IP Law & Business, and IR Magazine.

    profile image Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava

    Journalist | Writes on political economy in India

    No user image

    Entrepreneur, U.S. Soccer C-licensed Valeo FC coach, CEO @Texifter & inventor of @DiscoverText.

    profile image Craig Silverman

    Craig Silverman is an award-winning journalist and author and one of the world's leading experts on online misinformation, fake news, and content verification. He is the media editor of BuzzFeed News where he leads a global beat covering platforms, online misinformation, and media manipulation.

    No user image

    Data editor at BuzzFeed News. Publisher of Data Is Plural.

    profile image Sarah Slobin

    Data journalist | Visual editor | Multimedia storyteller | Teacher | Data feminist

    profile image Wonyoung So

    Wonyoung So is a data visualization designer and researcher. His main interests are about the bottom-up driven data movement.

    profile image Giuseppe Sollazzo

    Technologist, Open Data thought leader, digital expert, data experimentalist

    profile image Jennifer Stark

    Jennifer is a Data Engineer and Analyst at SpareRoom and a co-organiser of PyData Manchester.

    profile image Jonathan Stoneman

    Former BBC journalist turned trainer and data enthusiast/obsessive.

    profile image Jonathan Stray

    Jonathan Stray is a computational journalist at Columbia university, where he teaches the dual masters degree in computer science and journalism and leads the development of Workbench, an integrated tool for data journalism.

    profile image Benjamin Strick

    Benjamin Strick is an open source investigator with BBC Africa Eye specialising in data analysis, networks, geospatial intelligence and conflict. He has a background in law and the military, and focusses on using OSINT/GEOINT and intelligence methods for good, through human rights, conflict, and privacy.

    profile image Brian Suda

    Brian Suda is an informatician currently residing in Reykjavík, Iceland. He has spent a good portion of each day connected to Internet after discovering it back in the mid-01990s.

    profile image Brittany Suszan

    Market Dev for SpotCrime, the largest aggregator of crime data and most visited crime mapping and alert website in the US. Advocate for open, equal, and fair access to crime data.


    profile image Vernise Tantuco

    Vernise Tantuco is on Rappler's Research Team, fact checking suspicious claims, wrangling data, and telling stories that need to be heard.

    No user image

    Cristen has been a journalist for 20 years, mostly in digital news. She worked for the Irish national broadcaster RTE before coming home to join the ABC. She currently works as part of a small multi-disciplinary team creating experimental digital stories and formats.

    profile image Marie-Louise Timcke

    Marie-Louise Timcke is a German data journalist and heads Funke Interaktiv, the interactive and data team of the Funke Media Group. She studied Data Journalism at TU Dortmund and founded the initiative Journocode together with fellow students to learn and teach data-driven skills.

    profile image Marc Tuters

    My research focusses on the creative use of online infrastructure by political subcultures at the bottom of the web.


    No user image

    Co-founder of the School of Data Kyrgyzstan, data journalism lecturer and trainer.

    profile image Alvaro Valiño

    The former head of the infographics department of the Spanish newspaper Público. Now he is freelancing for clients all around the world like National Geographic Magazine, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Corriere della Sera or Revista Mongolia, among others. His work has received more than 30 Malofiej Awards, which is considered to be the Pulitzer Prize of information graphics. He has imparted infographics seminars in Madrid, New Delhi or Kuala Lumpur and served as peer reviewer for the Visible Language Journal.

    profile image Jerry Vermanen

    Data journalist at the Dutch website and tv-programma Pointer (KRO-NCRV).

    profile image Helen Verran

    Helen is currently completing a book manuscript on the ontological troubles of contemporary environmental governance

    profile image César Viana Teixeira

    ournalist and Ph.D. on audiovisual communication and publicity at www.uab.es. Postdoctoral scholar at PACC/UFRJ.br. Adjunct Faculty at Communications School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás - www.pucgoias.edu.br.

    profile image Jakob Vicari

    Freelance Creative Technologist and Science Reporter with a focus on sensors and internet of things. Founder of Sensors&Reporters and tactile.news.

    profile image Ximena Villagrán

    Data journalist focused in Central America

    profile image Lam Thuy Vo

    Lam Thuy Vo is a reporter at BuzzFeed News and come the intersection of technology and society.


    profile image Leonard Wallentin

    Data journalist and CEO at J++ Stockholm

    No user image

    Brent Walth teaches investigative reporting at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.

    profile image Claire Wardle

    I am an expert on verification and misinformation online.

    profile image Wibke Weber

    Wibke Weber is Professor of Media Linguistics with a focus on visual communication.

    profile image MaryJo Webster

    MaryJo Webster is a data journalist at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minn.

    profile image Johanna Wild

    Johanna Wild is an open source investigator at Bellingcat and is passionate about tech and tool development for digital investigations.

    profile image Kate Wilkinson

    Kate Wilkinson is acting deputy editor at Africa Check, the continent's leading fact-checking website.

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