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Marie Segger

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Marie works as a data journalist for The Economist. She has an MSc from Goldsmiths College in London and is a former Google News Lab fellow at Spiegel Online. She writes data-driven articles, analyses data, creates data visualisations and speaks about data journalism and social media.

Marie's work sits at the intersection of data, technology and current affairs. She often writes about European politics, gender and culture. She has a range of experiences in data analysis, journalism and coding. She likes to combine different tools to tell stories in distinctive ways.

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Case studies
AMA with The Economist's data team

The Economist's appetite for data journalism has been going strong since 1843. In 2015, they brought in a specialised data team and, this year, they launched a dedicated data section in print. Hear more from the team themselves.

Case studies
Historical data journalism

To shed light on the work of early data pioneers, we collected four of your favourite examples of data journalism from history.