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Maria Isabel Magaña

Professor | Freelance Journalist La Sabana University


I learned to love journalism when I did my BA in Communication Studies and Journalism at La Sabana University in Colombia. I learned how to do the job while covering politics and economics for different news agencies in my country. Then, I understood the importance of data in journalism when I did my Master in Investigative Journalism, Data and Visualization at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain. I'm doing a second master on Digital Communications at La Sabana University, in Colombia. Ever since, I have worked as a data-driven journalist, both in Colombia and in Spain as a freelance, and promoted right to know, transparency and open government initiatives in Colombia. I have been nominated for multiple innovation and data journalism prices and won the MediaParty 2018 Innovation Award for La Tierra Esclava. I was also nominated at the Data Journalism Awards for creating Datasketch's small data team. Now, I teach data journalism, DataViz and transmedia at La Sabana University, where I also research #NerdAlert 🤓. You can check some of my work here: