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Jacques Marcoux

Data journalist Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


Jacques Marcoux is an award-winning investigative reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation specializing in data analysis. Previously he worked as a radio and television reporter for the CBC's French network Radio-Canada, as a public relations officer for one of the world's largest agricultural marketing boards and worked in competitive intelligence gathering in the financial industry. He holds a Bachelor of commerce from the I.H. Asper School of Business from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

Jacques' areas of interest include using various open-source tools for accomplishing geospatial analyses, database design and automation of complex tasks using Python. He is a frequent speaker and trainer at data or GIS-related events in Canada.

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Data visualisation Data analysis
Geographic information systems: a use case for journalists

Geographical information systems, or GIS, provide one of the most efficient means of uncovering spatial patterns in geographic data. Jacques Marcoux provides a walkthrough of how GIS tools can be leveraged for original news content.

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