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I am a freelance science journalist and creative technologist with a focus on journalism and the Internet of Things. As a reporter, I’ve always dreamt to deliver stories that fit readers’ needs better than a linear, static text. Nothing is more frustrating than writing a long story that nobody reads. I wrote my PhD thesis about the concept of journalistic composition, based on observing composition processes in 15 newsrooms. Across the board, there were no ideas on how to deliver stories individually. In 2015 I began to develop story.board, a CMS for stories based on sensor data. I coined the term “Journalism of Things” to describe stories told through and with the Internet of Things. I was selected as science journalist of the year 2015 by “Medium Magazin” for the concept of Sensorstory. I am a fellow at a think tank of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (“Kompetenzzentrum für Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes”), where I am working on anthropocentric ideas for smart homes with other fellows.I invented the sMirror – a newshub for bathrooms and produced sensor-based formats Superkühe (“supercows”) and #bienenlive (“bees live”) for German broadcaster WDR. I am co-founder of (Credit: Jacobia Dahm)

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Data collection
Sensor-based journalism

While many of us rely on our trusty sources to analyse existing data, there’s an emerging opportunity to use sensors for the generation of new datasets on all types of physical phenomena.