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Kaiser Fung

Founder Junk Charts


My main contribution to the dataviz community is my popular blog, Junk Charts, which contains over 14 years and 1,000+ articles of data visualization criticism. I am a frequent, invited keynote speaker on data visualization, data science and business analytics at industry and research conferences. I introduced the Trifecta Checkup used by practitioners for critiquing and guiding data graphics.

I have also developed and taught data visualization courses for Columbia Business School and New York University, as well as corporations. In addition, I am an advisor or consultant to organizations on data science and data visualization. See my official website for more.

I am founder of Principal Analytics Prep, a leading data science bootcamp in New York City. Our mission is prepping people for the Data Revolution. We empower students with unconventional backgrounds to transition their careers into the data science and analytics field.

I am author of two books on how data, statistics and algorithms affect our lives. The titles are Numbers Rule Your World and Numbersense.

Please contact me for collaboration.

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