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Paul Bradshaw

Course leader | MA Data Journalism & MA Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism and Data journalist Birmingham City University, BBC


Paul Bradshaw runs the MA in Data Journalism and the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University, and also works as a consulting data journalist with the BBC England Data Unit.

A journalist, writer and trainer, he has worked with news organisations including The Guardian, Telegraph, Mirror, Der Tagesspiegel and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and in 2016 won the CNN MultiChoice Sport Reporting Award for an investigation into people trafficking in football. He publishes the Online Journalism Blog, is the co-founder of the award-winning investigative journalism network, and has been listed on both's list of leading innovators in media, and the US Poynter Institute's list of the 35 most influential people in social media.

His books include Scraping for Journalists, Finding Stories in Spreadsheets, the Data Journalism Heist, Snapchat for Journalists, the Online Journalism Handbook and most recently Mobile-First Journalism with Steve Hill. He can be found on Twitter @paulbradshaw.

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Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools

Paul Bradshaw, Steve Doig, Simon Rogers, Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Alberto Cairo

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This is where data journalists get their ideas from

Data journalists often get their ideas from a variety of sources, including questions and tips from readers, news events, and data releases. In this guide, you'll find some tips on how to generate new deas for your data journalism reporting.

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Reporting beyond the case numbers: How to brainstorm COVID-19 data story ideas

While many journalists around the world report the daily infection rate and death toll of COVID-19, audiences are seeking other stories that show the impact of the virus on their lives. How can journalists tell those wider stories with data?

Learn to code like a journalist

Coding has become an essential skill for newsroom journalists. Yet, despite the demand for these skills, many of us are still hesitant to get started. This edition will help you to take your first steps with code.

Case studies
Data on the crime beat

While shocking crimes may carry headlines, the crime beat encompasses so much than murder mysteries and whodunnit stories. This edition explores four other angles, along with tips for using crime data throughout the entire reporting cycle.

Data scraping for stories

Data scraping is a process that allows you to extract content from a webpage using a specialised tool or by writing a piece of code. We spoke to six experts for their tips on scraping for stories.

Data analysis Data collection
Open data

The term ‘open data’ might imply that it’s readily available, but it was clear from your submissions in this edition that accessing relevant data isn’t without its challenges.