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Mustapha Mekhatria

Community manager Highsoft


Mustapha Mekhatria lives and works in Norway as a community manager for Highsoft. After graduating as a Master in embedded systems, and working in the automotive and aerospace industry in France, and Canada, he finally settles down in Norway to focus on his passion with data. He blogs about all kind of tricks and tips about data processing and data visualization on Medium.

In his spare time, he manages a small NGO, that he created in 2015, called Levsaman or live together in English to help refugees to integrate into the Norwegian society, by providing them with the right skills such as English, IT, and practical car driving courses.

Content by Mustapha

Data visualisation
Bad charts

Data visualisation can be dangerous -- people inherently trust a map or chart. While that doesn’t mean that the truthful journalist should avoid visual storytelling, there are some common mistakes to watch out for.

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Favourite maps

Just because you can map, doesn’t mean you should. To share best practices, we asked our resident geography and cartography geeks for some of their favourites.

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Favourite chart types

Although the best chart type always depends on your dataset, it doesn't mean that we can't have go-tos. Here's five of the community's favourite charts.

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Data visualisation trick: make every country on a map the same size

Geographic maps can be very illuminating, but sometimes bigger countries overshadow smaller ones, leading to false assumptions. Overcome this problem is by creating a map where all countries are the same size.