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Tara Kelly

Data Editor EJC


Tara has written for the FT Weekend Magazine, TIME Magazine, France24, CNN and The Huffington Post. She has a postgraduate degree in Data Journalism from University College Dublin.

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Best practices
Detecting deepfakes

In this week's Conversations with Data podcast, Buzzfeed's Craig Silverman spoke with Sam Gregory, Programme Director at WITNESS. They discussed synthetic media and the tools and techniques journalists need to detect fakery online.

Debunking disinformation

In this week's Conversations with Data podcast, Buzzfeed's Craig Silverman spoke with Dr. Claire Wardle, executive director at First Draft about the tools and techniques journalists need to spot, monitor and debunk disinformation campaigns.

Data uncertainty & COVID-19

In this week's Conversations with Data podcast, we spoke with Dr. Siouxsie Wiles, an Associate Professor from the University of Auckland about the science and uncertainty behind COVID-19.

Visualising stories around COVID-19

In this week's Conversations with Data, with data visualisation expert Amanda Makulec about how to create understandable charts, graphs, and maps that better explain complexity in the uncertain times of COVID-19.

Case studies
Simulating a pandemic

The most-read piece on The Washington Post's website visualised how pandemics like COVID-19 spread and how social distancing can flatten the curve. We explore the impact of the simulations and how graphics reporter Harry Stevens did it.

Q&A with Simon Rogers

As the data editor at Google News Lab, we spoke with Simon Rogers about the 2020 Sigma Awards, machine learning in the newsroom, and why collaboration is the future of data journalism.

Closing the gender data gap with Data2X

To mark International Women's Day, we spoke with Data2X's executive director Emily Courey Pryor about how missing or incomplete data on girls and women stop journalists from telling the full story.

Verification for data

We caught up with Craig Silverman, Buzzfeed's media editor and one of the world's experts in on online misinformation and content verification. He talked to us about the importance of verification and how he works with Buzzfeed's data team.

Neurodiversity and design

We caught up with the BBC's neurodiversity leads Sean Gilroy and Leena Haque. The pair talked to us about designing for neurodivergent audiences and why it matters for data storytelling.

Decoding the dynamics of a data team

Behind every award-winning data visualisation, there's a team merging the best of design, code and journalism. But orchestrating this is no small feat. We examine the best advice on building and managing data teams.

Q&A with The Sigma Awards team

We caught up with the Sigma Awards' co-chair Aron Pilhofer and competition manager Marianne Bouchart. The pair talked to us about how the new competition came to be, why it differs from the previous awards, and the backstory behind the name.