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Miriam Quick is a data journalist and researcher specialising in information visualisation. She finds facts and data and builds them into compelling stories. She works with designers to produce information graphics, data visualisations, data artworks and installations. Her first book, I am a book. I am a portal to the universe., written with Stefanie Posavec, was published by Particular Books (Penguin UK) in 2020. She has a PhD in Musicology from Kings College London. Her thesis focused on performance style in recordings of the works of Anton Webern. This research involved analysing data from sound recordings and using software to visualise the results, which sparked my interest in data visualisation.

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Making numbers louder: telling data stories with sound

Sonification is all around us. But how can journalists take advantage of it for data storytelling? Miriam Quick and Duncan Geere take us through some compelling examples of how to bring data sonification into your reporting.