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Abbott Katz

Spreadsheet instructor/designer Self-employed


I presently teach Excel at CityLit in London and have written about spreadsheets for the Irish Tech News,, the baseball journal By the Number, and my spreadsheetjournalism blog. My work with Excel has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, the Freakonomics blog, and by the spreadsheet expert Chandoo. I have a doctorate in sociology from the State University of New York and have contributed diversely-themed pieces to New York Newsday,, the Times Higher Education, the Jewish Daily Forward, Mass Transit Magazine, and the Bonjour Paris website. I design spreadsheets as well, and delivered a five-session, spreadsheet-driven workshop on Data Stories at Sciences Po in Paris in 2018.

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Excel dynamic array functions: what data journalists need to know

Excel 365’s dynamic array functions and their radically new and powerful take on formulas will help put you and the data on speaking terms, writes Abbott Katz. Here's how journalists can take advantage of the full potential of Excel spreadsheets.