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Monika Sengul-Jones

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Monika Sengul-Jones, PhD, is a freelance researcher, writer and expert on digital cultures and media industries. She was the OCLC Wikipedian-in-Residence in 2018-19. She is co-leading Reading Together: Reliable Sources and Multilingual Communities, an Art+Feminism project on reliable sources and marginalized communities funded by WikiCred. @monikajones,

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Best practices
Turbulent with a chance of data: Journalism’s drone-powered futures

Drone journalism isn't just for photojournalists. News organisations can use sensors and mapping technology from UAVs to create a range of data sets for storytelling, explains Monika Sengul-Jones.

Data collection
The promise of Wikidata

Wikidata can be a useful resource for journalists digging for data on a deadline. Monika Sengul-Jones explains the joy and perils of using the searchable data trove for your next story.

Data collection
Harnessing Wikipedia's superpowers for journalism

Finding hidden data inside the world's free encyclopedia is no easy task for journalists. In Monika Sengul-Jones' long read article, she explains how to navigate the often unwieldy world of Wikipedia.