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Fenja De Silva-Schmidt

Research Associate University of Hamburg - Communication Studies, Climate and Science Communication

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Fenja De Silva-Schmidt, M.A. is a research associate and doctoral student at the Chair of Communication Science, esp. Climate and Science Communication, of Hamburg University since May 2015.

She studied Media and Communication Science / French as well as Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Hamburg. During her studies, she worked as a student assistant in the projects “The language of climate change” at the Institute of German studies and at the Hans-Bredow-Institute for Media Research in the project “Data journalism”.

Her research focuses on structures of (science) communication, opinion leaders and the communication of knowledge via the media. Furthermore, she is interested in data journalism and teaches courses on quantitative content analysis.

In her dissertation, she analyses how media coverage and interpersonal communication influence people’s knowledge about climate politics.

Apart from her academic work, she is a freelance journalist for local newspapers and the science magazine "Spektrum der Wissenschaft".

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