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Rebekah McBride

Marketing and Communications Coordinator University of Wisconsin-Madison

I tutor: Ethics


Rebekah McBride is a science writer and communications specialist who has worked with both companies and universities to turn data and research into applicable and actionable messages that inspire change. She holds a B.S. in Life Science Communication with an emphasis in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a M.A. in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. During her time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln she enjoyed exploring the many facets of journalism, but she primarily focused on the ethics of data journalism completing a research project titled, “The Ethics of Data Journalism,” which explores the ethical challenges faced by journalists utilizing numerical figures as a part of their stories.

Content by Rebekah

Ethical dilemmas in data journalism

To publish or not to publish? It’s a question every data journalist will undoubtedly face at some point in their career. In this edition, we’ve collated your anecdotes and advice into seven tips to help you work through your next ethical dilemma.

Giving data soul: best practices for ethical data journalism

By holding a magnifying glass to systemic flaws in society, data journalism can encourage positive change. Conversely, when published without context or consideration for ethics, it can cause harm through the perpetuation of stereotypes and biases.