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Angelica Peralta Ramos

LA NACION Data Journalism initiative manager LA NACION (Argentina)


Angélica Peralta Ramos (Momi) is data journalism project manager and multimedia development manager at La Nación, national newspaper from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a Computer Scientist and MBA , since 2011 she leads a team and a project of Open Data Journalism named La Nación Data, that includes developing data-driven journalism, open collaboration and open data in a country that recently passed its FOI law. She participates in since its launch in 1995 and was product and digital media manager at La Nación until 2004. Since 2006 she has been in charge of La Nación Multimedia, a research, development and training area with focus on innovation and best practices in digital media. Her team also developed customised training programs for the newsroom on digital formats, mobile and social journalism and data journalism and coordinates cross platform content projects.

Besides data journalism her interests are in applying technology and data science to discover and tell stories for social impact, to promote open data and open government as a way to enhance transparency and citizen participation and to innovate using or building collaborative digital platforms and cross skilled teams.