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George Anadiotis

Analyst | Journalist | Consultant | Researcher | Engineer | Entrepreneur Founder at Linked Data Orchestration, Contributor at ZDNet


I have a background in Computer Science, with a MSc in Advanced Information Systems from the University of Athens. I have worked for a number of years as a Software Engineer and Architect, an eBusiness Consultant, and a Team Leader and Department Manager. I have designed and implemented complex systems for top tier organizations, leading diverse teams.

Following these stints in my career, i worked in academic and applied research for a number of years, on the intersection of knowledge representation and reasoning and distributed systems. I was involved in award-winning research, and lead the development of innovative products from the lab to the market.

For the past several years, i am active as an entrepreneur, analyst, and consultant, while also contributing as a writer to various publications. My work is on the intersection of technology, data, analytics, AI, and their implications on society. I have a special interest in knowledge management, and i am active as an event organizer and instructor on many of the above topics.

I have lived and worked in Greece, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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