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Hi, my name is Vincent Ryan. I'm going to talk to you about some of Google's tools and how you can use them as a journalist. In particular, we're going to look at the fundamental search for journalists. I work for Google News Initiative where my title is Google News Lab Training Manager.

I'm sure most of you have heard of Google and hopefully, some of you will have heard of the Google News Initiative. The Google News Initiative is Google's efforts to work with the news publishers. We work on the three Es which is Elevating quality journalism, Evolving publisher's business models, and Enabling innovation in the newsroom. The majority of people who work for Google News Initiative have a journalistic background.

I started working in my local newspaper, the Kilkenny People. The last news outlet that I worked for was The Sunday Times, where I was a business journalist. The aim of this course is to teach you some of the basic steps to help you find and verify news stories on the web. At the foundation of all good journalism is research. Given Google's core mission to organise the world's information and make it university accessible and useful, it is one of the ultimate desk research tools.

In today's lesson, we're going to go through some of the tips and tricks on how to harness that tool to make your own research faster and more accurate. For more in-depth courses on all elements of online journalism, have a look at, where you can see a full suite of lessons on everything. From how to find news stories, verifying news stories and then visualise what you find using all of Google's complete suite of tools.

Vincent Ryan

News Lab Training Manager


Former Sunday Times Business journalist working with Google News Initiative to help journalists find, verify and tell news stories around the world.

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