Data analysis

Going Viral Using Social Media Analytics

Instructor: Stijn Debrouwere

About this course

If all your analytics went up in a puff of smoke, would you miss them? Would it change how you work day today? Chartbeat, Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are easy to use, but finding what you need and knowing how to act on that information is hard.

Going Viral Using Social Media Analytics walks you through metrics and analytics that are useful for writers, ways to optimize your site for social media, how to grow a loyal audience and how to figure out whether your organization is on the right track. We bring order to the analytics chaos and show you which metrics you need when and why.

In this course, you will learn more about:

  1. The pros, cons and caveats of pageviews, attention minutes and a whole lot of other great metrics you've never heard of before
  2. Which numbers to track live and which numbers you only need every couple of months
  3. A/B-testing and how you can use analytics to grow your audience
  4. How to create viral content and how to finetune your social media strategy

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Course introduction

Meet your instructor

Stijn Debrouwere

Data Scientist


Stijn is a freelance data scientist, specializing in analytics. Previously at Fusion and The Guardian. He writes about statistics, metrics and the news industry at

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