“In today’s digital environment, where rumors and false contents circulate, journal- ists need to be able to actively sort out true, authentic materials from the fakes. This groundbreaking handbook is a must-read for journalists dealing with all types of user generated contents.”

- Wilfried Ruetten, Director, The European Journalism Centre (EJC)

“Accurate information can be a life-saving resource during a humanitarian crisis, but the circumstances from which these crises emerge are typically the most difficult in which to gather reliable information. This book will help not only journalists but anyone working in humanitarian situations in the field to verify facts on the ground.”

- William Spindler, Spokesman, The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

“This handbook will be essential for journalists covering interreligious and intereth- nic conflicts to report in a more balanced, transparent and accurate way, and ulti- mately help defuse tensions across and within communities.”

- Matthew Hodes, Director, The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)

“In these times, knowing what is real and how to verify news and other information is essential. This handbook provides essential tools for everyone, journalism and con- sumer.”

- Howard Finberg, Director of Training Partnerships and Alliances, The Poynter Institute

“Getting the facts right is a cardinal principle of journalism but media struggle to be ethical when a big story is breaking. This handbook helps news makers keep faith with truth-telling - even when online speculation is rampant.”

- Aidan White, Director, The Ethical Journalism Network (EJN)

“It’s all about the right information at the right time in the right place. When there is limited access to the disaster-affected areas, it’s crucial for aid workers to gather information via social networks effectively. This handbook would be useful for aid workers working on the ground, as well as online volunteers.”

- Christoph Dennenmoser, Team Lead Urgent Needs, Humanity Road Inc.

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