Hi. My name is Winny, Winny De Jong. Welcome to this course, when to hire me or when to hire a data journalist. I'm currently not available for hire because I work as a data journalist for the Dutch national broadcast, the NOS. I've been doing data journalism for the last couple years, I think around seven years. I used to work for a magazine called one road, now I work for the national broadcast. I'm here to tell you about when to hire a data journalist and I will do that during three modules. The first module will be an introduction into data journalism so you know what we're talking about. In the second, I will introduce you to data journalist or people who can be data journalist.

In the last module, I will show you a few examples of stories and when to think of hiring a data journalist.

Winny de Jong

Data journalist and data journalism trainer


Winny de Jong is a data journalist. She works at the Dutch national broadcast, NOS. When not at work, she shares the things she loves in her Data Journalism Newsletter.

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