Countering hate speech


Instructor: Julia Mozer

What is hate speech?

Hibamo Ayalew 

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is Hibamo Ayalew Basha from Nairobi, Kenya. I am excited to have joined this interesting course.

Greg Hall 

Hi everyone. My name is Greg Hall and I'm a Newcastle-based journalist here on the eastern seaboard of Australia. I've worked in journalism since 1985 when I started with News Ltd working for The Australian newspaper in Sydney. From print, through to radio and TV documentary, I've covered many aspects of life in Australia and Europe. I've enrolled in this course because I need to deepen my awareness and skills in countering the pernicious infiltration of hate-speech across all media.

M. Alejandra Avendaño Alvarado 

Hi, I am a journalist interested on learn about hate speech counternarratives and I want to investigate more over this topic in general. I am happy to join me in this course and have the opportunity to improve my skills in this field. Thank you so much!

Dare Idowu 

Hello everyone, I am Dare. I am happy to participate in this phenomenal course. Primarily, I am interested in having a deeper insight into what constitutes hate speech and how it can be countered without constituting a threat to freedom of expression. This is what I consider as the missing link in governmental effects towards addressing the menace of hate speech globally.

Aituar Kospakov 

Hey everyone. I’m Aituar from Kazakhstan. Thanks for this great opportunity and vital information about Hate speech, ethical principles, safety etc. on the Internet

Satyam Pandey 

we usually face hate speech in our digital world. this course teaches me an insight of Hate speech and counteraction. one of the most important parts is how to secure ourselves while suffering on the internet. thank you for this invaluable course.

Hi, welcome to this course on countering hate speech. My name is Julia Mozer and I'll be your instructor for this course. I've been working as a hate speech advisor for the past three years at a European organization called CEJI, a Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe.

We run the Facing Facts project series that aims to tackle hate speech and hate crimes across Europe through education and advocacy. I also have a background in media and public relations and been working in this field for years. I'm happy to share some of my experiences and tips on how to better counter hate speech.

This is an introductory course, where we'll be introducing basic concepts and essential theories with practical tips and tools, so we'll keep it as practical as possible. We'll have three main areas to cover. The first one will be the destination of hate speech, what are the different definitions? What are the elements of hate speech? How they come together.

We will also be talking about freedom of expression and how fighting hate speech relates to freedom of expression. In the second part of the course, we'll be talking about safety, both technological safety and emotional safety, and will also provide you with a safety checklist that you can keep for later and go back to it when needed.

In the third part, we'll come to counteraction. We'll be discussing all the forms of counteractions from reporting and removing all the way to counter-speech and counter-campaigns and we will also talk about the cases when you need to turn to the police. As you can see, we have a lot to cover so, better get started right away.

Julia Mozer

Hate Speech Advisor & Communication Officer


Originally from Hungary, Julia studied Marketing and Business Management in Denmark, France, and England. After working for two years in Hungary and China, she completed her Master's degree in Media and Public Relations at Leicester University, where she wrote her dissertation on ageism in the media. Dedicated to spreading the word of good causes, Julia joined CEJI-A Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe in October 2016 as Communication Officer.

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