Pandemic and work

Involvement in data journalism

Already in 2021 we were surprised by the fact that one in four told us they became involved in data journalism as a result of the pandemic. In 2022, the figure grew to 39%, although this could be explained by differences in the samples between the 2021 and 2022 surveys. 

Coverage of the pandemic

Compared to last year, the pandemic has been less of a focus for data journalists, although it was still a topic of coverage for 44% of respondents.

Impact of the pandemic

While in 2021 13% thought the pandemic increased resources, the 2022 equivalent is 18%. Furthermore, the share of people who stated the pandemic increased time pressure dropped from 36% to 34%, with a similar trend in terms of workload. Perhaps the biggest shift has been in workmode, with now 34% stating they work from home, as opposed to 40% in 2021.

When looking at the impact on the field, the majority believe the pandemic has had a positive effect on the industry by strengthening it as a field (51%), and by increasing audience data literacy (45%).