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Christina Elmer works in the Editorial RnD team at SPIEGEL ONLINE, where she had previously established the data journalism department. She also trains journalists in data reporting and online research. Before she joined SPIEGEL ONLINE as a science editor in 2013, Elmer worked at Stern magazine’s investigative unit. Her journalistic career began in 2007 at the German press agency dpa, where she was part of a team which set up Germany’s first department for data journalism and computer assisted reporting. Elmer studied Journalism and Biology. As a board member of netzwerk recherche, Germany’s largest association supporting investigative reporters, she is actively engaged in pushing data journalism forward and encouraging colleagues to use new techniques and tools.

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Case studies
Under-reported news

If a story isn’t reported, did it even happen? Here's four ways data has helped bring invisible stories to light.

Case studies
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