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Covering the Russia-Ukraine war with data

A virtual conference by The Sigmas and DataJournalism.com examining how data journalism and OSINT experts are exposing the truth about the conflict

To help data journalists around the world in their ongoing efforts to cover the Russia-Ukraine War, we have organized a half-day online conference tackling how journalists and OSINT experts can use data to report on and explain the conflict.

The aim is to provide insight, resources, case studies, and examples to help journalists find, verify and tell accurate stories from the conflict in Ukraine.

This will be done by highlighting the best tips, sources, story ideas, and challenges from journalists worldwide.

When is it happening?

  • Tuesday 21st June, at 3pm CEST - 6pm CEST

Where is it happening?:

Event programme:

3pm CEST - Session 1: Eye on Ukraine: Covering the war with data

45min panel discussion + 10 min Q&A with the audience

The session will help us understand the challenges of reporting on the Ukrainian war with data, the different angles you can use to report on the war in relation to what has already been done, and what are the gaps that need to be filled. Speakers will discuss useful data sources and pitfalls to watch out for.


4 pm CEST - Session 2: Navigating the verification dilemma in Ukraine

45 min panel discussion + 10 minutes Q&A with the audience

Journalists around the world face the challenge of verifying information during the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Speakers will share tips and advice on verifying information from the frontline. We will also discuss useful tools and tactics to help journalists navigate the information war from OSINT experts and editors working to uncover the truth.


5 pm CEST - Session 3: Innovation in the war zone: Showcasing compelling data coverage of the conflict

45 min panel discussion + 10 minute Q&A with the audience

In this panel, we will discuss how to innovate in reporting on wars and conflicts by sharing great examples from around the world from major broadcasters like Al Jazeera's AJ Labs, the Financial Times and CNN.


5:45 pm - Lightning talk pitches:

In this section, we will review five pitches of great data projects/initiatives about the Russia-Ukraine war.

The moderators will ensure we save time for audience questions! Have them ready and we will see you soon! Don't forget to add the event to your calendar

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