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Paulina Kosobucka

journalist Radio Uniwersytet


I am a journalist, computer specialist and administration technician by profession. I defended my diploma thesis titled: "Data journalism - data mining and data visualization by means of Google Tools" in June 2019. On July 25th I've successfully completed a course of Data Journalism in the Google News Initiative Training Center. By the occasion, I am a broadcaster in Radio Uniwersytet (at Kazimierz Wielki University).

From birth, I am a synesthete*. Nowadays, it inspires me to create remarkable projects of digital storytelling.
In May 2019 I gave a speech ("Possible future forms of synesthetes' communication") on the international conference "The future of Media, Mediatization, Journalism and Communication". My publication (about data journalism and synesthetic communication) after conference is being prepared, as well as my second paper related to data journalism in politics. I will share my articles here, when available (published).

*Let me describe the phenomenon of synesthesia here. Synesthesia is the ability to associate the sensations received by various senses, e.g. smells with flavors, sounds with colors. As an associative synesthete (in contrast to projective ones, who experience [e.g.] colour directly on the physically presented stimulus), I created a new definition of this term, as a layer between what I really see and what I can imagine - a strong, automatic association (never changing), caused by many additional neural connections.

I have a few types of this phenomenon:

  1. grapheme-colour (glyphs have specific colours to me),
  2. chromesthesia (sounds trigger colours, shapes and location in space of my mind),
  3. time-space syn. (I visualize distances between people in a form of grey glow etc. and when I think about a period of time, I visualize a timeline, where young people/previous years [etc.] are on the left side, and the old people/future years [etc.] are on the right side),
  4. mirror-touch syn. (only in specific situations, e.g. when I look at someone who is falling down, I feel sudden warm temperature and pain in the limbs; or when I feel a great empathy to someone, I feel exactly what she/he feels).

Additionally, I can see fragrances, touch, temperature and silence.