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Erika Panuccio

Communication Specialist Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

I tutor: Coding


When asked how I would describe myself, I always say that I am an attentive listener and a passionate learner. Listen-Study-Do are also the three steps I take whenever I have to approach new topics and situations – which happens quite frequently, since I love trying new things! Throughout the years, I have been studying and exploring fields as diverse as history of art, foreign literatures and geopolitics. I currently work as a Communication Specialist at ALTIS, a Graduate School of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan (Italy), which offers programmes and consulting services related to responsible management and sustainable development. Previously, I was at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, an EU agency based in Budapest. I have not had a formal education in geopolitics but this discipline drew my attention in 2015, due to the terror attacks that were taking place at that time in Europe. I was then studying Public and Corporate Communication and decided to analyse this phenomenon. Luckily enough, I found a professor who supported my choice of writing a research thesis on IS/Da’esh’ propaganda on Twitter and the EU’s counternarrative actions. This research implied several months of scraping and analysing a huge amount of data, which was then intertwined with historical facts and literary references to piece together the big picture. A year after, this choice bore fruit: the thesis was selected and awarded by the Italian Department of Information Security. My areas of interest include propaganda techniques, psychological warfare and fake news.

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