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Daniela Q. Lépiz is a Costa Rican data journalist, data trainer and former coordinator at CENOZO, a West African data, and investigative network. Daniela has a master degree in data journalism and has spent the last years in West Africa developing a network of investigative journalists and introducing data journalism. She currently works as a freelance consultant for different organizations. Previously worked in a civic technology and open data organization, Open Up, in South Africa and in Costa Rica.

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Case studies
West Africa Leaks

Over several months, an investigation team poured over 27.5 million documents to reveal how Africa's elites hide billions offshore. Did these documents ever mislead them? How did they verify? Will Fitzgibbon and Daniela Lepiz answer your questions.

Case studies
West Africa Leaks: AMA with Will Fitzgibbon and Daniela Lepiz

Companies in West Africa make billions every year, yet most of the region’s citizens live on less than $2 a day. Why? Well, as West Africa Leaks revealed, the answer often lies in two words: tax evasion.