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Ahmed El-Affendi

Data Journalist Self-Employed


I'm a lifelong learner, data journalist, data scientist, & storyteller with fierce dedication for achieving positive and tangible results.

I always research topics that are crucial for improving people's lives or inform about interesting topics that people weren't aware of and tell intriguing stories about them along with data visuals that give my readers clear insights.

Moreover, I'm a data scientist who always aim to solve problems and/or improve business processes both internal and external by using algorithms, text mining, building predictive models, data mining, data validation and verification, and other forms of data manipulation and concluding with data visuals that gives the management and stakeholders clear insights about what's going on and did it improve or worsen.

I'm proficient in using tne tools: R-programming, Tableau, Power Bi, and Microsoft Excel to accomplish my data-related tasks.

I believe in Winston Churchill's quote: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”