Google Search for Journalists

Course introduction

Course introduction
Getting started with Google refinements
Advanced Image Search

Hello, my name is Nicholas Whitaker.

I am in the Media Outreach Lead on the Google for Media team and our team's whole role is traveling around the world providing resources, and educational materials, and training for journalists interested in using Google's Tools for Journalism.

Today, I am going to take you through two modules as part of the Google Search for Journalists course. The first module is Getting Started with Search Refinements, which will show you how to get more out of your search experience.

I think a lot of times we have the tendency to put a small sentence or a small paragraph into the search bar, cross our fingers and hope for the best. But there are better ways to use Google Search in order to get a more professional experience.

The second module is Advanced Image Search. As you've probably done before, searching for images online can sometimes be very difficult, so I'll show you how to use Google Search and specifically Google Image Search to get better results faster, so you can go on about your project.

So let's get started with module number one.

Nicholas Whitaker

Strategic Partner Lead - News & Local Media

I tutor: Data journalism

    profile image Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos

    Mathias Felipe is pursuing his PhD on ‘Branding Data Journalism’ at the University of Navarra under JOLT project, which is a Marie-Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020.

    profile image Manuel Alejos

    Journalist and content editor from Lima, Perú.

    No user image

    Biographical sketch of Shahid Shah

    My first entry into journalism was in 1997, when I joined an evening daily Sindhi newspaper “Khadim-e-Watan” as staff reporter. After a period of ten days as freelance sub editor, one of two reporters in the daily left the job and I was asked to continue as a staff reporter.

    After a few months, I became a staff reporter of morning daily of the same newspaper group and largest circulated Sindhi daily of Pakistan “Kawish”. I worked all the day. It was so difficult that my news editor at the previous newspaper had warned me not to leave “Khadim-e-Watan” as working at Kawish was challenging for journalists, as they work almost all day, more than 12 hours. I worked for 14 hours daily.

    After work of almost a year, I joined daily Ibrat Hyderabad on desk as In-charge of interior pages. I headed two pages of the daily out of eight pages in those days. Ibrat was another daily of Sindhi language. I was with Ibrat at its Hyderabad office for a year than transferred at Karachi on my own will. I joined Karachi office as Bureau In-charge (head and reporter), since then I have continued as a reporter.

    I joined English daily The News International (a morning daily newspaper) in 2004. Since then I have kept my association with The News only.

    In 2006, I was awarded Daniel Pearl/Alfred Friendly Fellowship and I flew to Washington D.C. It was a six month program, which provided a chance to work at an American newsroom. I was placed at Wall Street Journal’s Washington DC Bureau.

    I had been covering issues like politics, human rights, culture, government and business (stock markets etc.). Currently, I have developed my skills and expertise in fields like agriculture, water, fisheries, development and climate change.

    I have also taught journalism and economics as a visiting faculty at a couple of private sector universities.

    In 2015, I received a data journalism fellowship by Earth Journalism Network. This fellowship proved as my turning point to build my skills as a data journalist.

    profile image Michael Pitman

    Community and local political journalist in Southwest Ohio. Started in August 1999 and have worked for the Journal-News (and it's previous evolutions) ever since.

    + 112 private students

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